Not Dead Yet books gigs. We like music that pushes some type of boundary. We believe it’s an incredible way to spread a message.

We booked a festival for a long time in Toronto, but we’re not planning to do that right now.

We’ve booked shows for Aaron Dilloway, Absolut, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Anasazi, Angel Du$t, Apostille, Arms Race, Backtrack, Bane, Barcelona, Big Zit, Blazing Eye, Bolt Thrower, Born Dead Icons, Boston Strangler, Boy Harsher, Broken Water, Burning Love, Candy, Career Suicide, Carla Dal Forno, Ceremony, Chain of Flowers, Choir Boy, Code Orange, Cold World, Coliseum, Concealed Blade, Condominium, Condor, Crazy Spirit, Cro-Mags JM, Croatian Amor, Culture Abuse, Damien Dubrovnik, Dark Blue, Dark Thoughts, Dawn of Humans, Despise You, Destruction Unit, Devil Master, Diat, Doom, Downtown Boys, Drew McDowall, Dropdead, Ekulu, End of a Year, Exit Order, Extreme Noise Terror, Fiddlehead, Firewalker, Flesh World, Forward, Foundation, Free Spirit, Fucked Up, Fury, G.L.O.S.S., Gas Rag, Glue, Group A, Grouper, Guttersnipe, Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Haram, Harley Flanagan, Harms Way, Hatred Surge, Have Heart, Helm, Hide, Hiro Kone, Hoax, Iceage, Illusion, Impalers, Incendiary, Inmates, Institute, Intensive Care, Iron Age, Iron Lung, Khiis, Krimewatch, L.O.T.I.O.N., La Misma, La Urss, Lebenden Toten, Left For Dead, Ligature, Limp Wrist, Lingua Ignota, Lower, Lucrecia Dalt, Lust For Youth, Mammoth Grinder, Marbled Eye, Marie Davidson, Marked Men, Marshstepper, Merchandise, Mil Spec, Mindset, Mommy, Muerte, Mujercitos, Muro, Murphy’s Law, Nails, Narrow Head, Negative Approach, Night Birds, No Tolerance, Omegas, Orden Mundial, Paranoid, Pelada, Perfect Pussy, Pharmakon, Pleasure Leftists, Power Trip, Puce Mary, Rakta, Rata Negra, Razor, Red Death, Ringworm, Rival Mob, Rixe, Royal Headache, Sad Boys, Sarah Davachi, Sect, Sheer Mag, Sheer Terror, Shook Ones, Sial, Snail Mail, Soft Moon, Soho Rezanejad, Special Interest, Stick Together, Sudor, Supercrush, Swearin’, Temple of Angels, Tenement, Tercer Mundo, Terror, The Body, The Endless Blockade, The Lowest Form, The Mob, The Spits, The Urinals, Title Fight, Tomb Mold, Tony Molina, Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, Twitching Tongues, Una Bestia Incontrollable, Uniform, Uranium Club, Urban Blight, Urochromes, Vanilla Poppers, Varg, Vatican Shadow, Vein, Vessel, Vexx, Vile Intent, Violent Reaction, Warcry, Warthog, Waste Management, Waxahatchee, Wild Side, Witchtrial, Xeno & Oaklander, Xibalba, Yellow Tears, Youth of Today & a lot more.